Renato Mismetti, one of the supreme interprets of brazilian art song ... It would be hard to imagine a better ambassador than Renato Mismetti to promote the Brazilian art song. It is also difficult to imagine a more well- suited accompanist for Mr. Mismetti than Maximiliano de Brito. It is clear that theese gentlemen enjoy playing togehter, and it appears that much of the world enjoy hearing them do so. New York Concert Review
Canidé - Japiim – a musical dialogue between two distinguished Brazilian composers According     to     legend     the     chant     of     the     canidé     was     simply incomparable;   nevertheless   this   great   singer   of   the   forest   envied   the enchanting   plumage   of   the   macaw   immensely.   So   he   spoke   to   Tupan (the   supreme   god   in   Brazilian   indian   mythology)   and   implored   him   to give   him   such   beauty   also.   Tupan   agreed,   however   on   the   condition that    canidé    forsake    his    passionate    singing.    And    so    it    came    about. Since   then   canidé   has   been   full   of   remorse   in   front   of   the   gates   of paradise   and   squawking   away   laments   his   act,   hoping   that   one   day Tupan   will   take   pity   on   him,   forgiving   him   for   his   vanity   and   give   him back his angelic voice. Japiim    is    the    name    of    a    powerful    singing    bird:    which    was    once considered   to   be   the   very   flute   of   the   god   of   thunder,   who   sent   him to   Earth   in   the   form   of   a   bird   in   order   to   teach   the   other   birds   how   to sing.   In   this   way   Japiim   should   sing   at   dawn   for   the   sun   to   rise   and   so awaken   the   Earth   while   the   other   birds   listened   in   silence.   For   the Indians this is a “warning sign” from Nature. One   can   not   say   that   in   the   entire   work   of   Heitor   Villa-Lobos    his songs    have    the    most    significant    role,    while    still    enjoying    great popularity    and    preference    from    both    performers    and    the    public. Waldemar   Henrique ,   on   the   contrary,   was   a   composer   who   devoted himself   almost   exclusively   to   the   genre   song,   in   such   a   way   that,   by means    of    his    pictorial    and    dramatic    approach    to    the    myths    and culture   of   northern   Brazil,   enriched   by   great   spontaneity   and   melodic richness, became known as the “Singer of the Amazon”. Canidé   Ioune-Sabath ,   by   Villa-Lobos,   as   the   first   song   on   this   CD,   and Japiim ,   by   Waldemar   Henrique,   as   the   last   song,   lend   their   names   to frame   this   selection   and   trace,   in   a   symbolic   manner,   an   orbit,   a   flight of   a   bird   around   the   sonic   universe   of   Brazil   –   in   the   form   of   a   kind   of musical dialogue between two distinguished Brazilian composers.
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